Le texte suivant est une retranscription du chat de discussion qui a eu lieu pendant la diffusion en direct (depuis San Francisco) de l'épisode 4 "Power, Fear, and Information", le 11 janvier 2017 ///
The following is a transcript of the chat discussion that took place during the live broadcast (from San Francisco) of "Power, Fear, and Information" on 11 January 2017
Operator: Hello world
Alexander: Hello Operator
Operator: Hello Alexander
Operator: If anyone out there is curious, this image in the background is of the Mission Operations Control Room in NASA's Mission Control Center, on the third day of the Apollo 8 lunar orbit mission. What would be on the television monitor is a picture of Earth which was telecast from the Apollo 8 spacecraft 176,000 miles away.
Operator: And we are 5 minutes away and counting from the beginning of BCC 4: Power, Fear, and Information. In this journey/mission we will take an orthogonal look at these concepts which evoke varied impassioned, and often defensive, reactions in the present moment, where we face political uncertainty and the rise of various forms of hypermediated nationalism in several western democracies. But is that really the big issue, or is it just the most obvious symptom?
Operator: Alexander, does the video feed start automatically?
Alexander: yes
Alexander: Or I can wait
robot: hello folks
Operator: is anyone here?
Operator: hello robot!
Yovo: Hello Room
Operator: welcome
anna: hello!
Landru: Hello!
LETHE: Hello!
Operator: hello Yovo, anna, and Landru!
Alexander: helllooo
stephen: I'm here!
Operator: welcome all, hello stephen
Sacha: Hello
Operator: hi sacha! and LETHE!
Alexander: It will start soon, let me know you all should get a black screen
Alexander: if not re-load the page !
Alexander: Is it ok ?
Jay: hi
Yovo: Yes, black screen
Landru: Yes black
Alexander: ok, so I lunch
Alexander: It start in 10
LETHE: hi everybody
Heidi: Hello everyone
Operator: sorry I am not giving the announcement
chillanimebeats: hey there
Operator: i had a glitch!
Cosmik: Ayer
chillanimebeats: glitch is a good aesthetic
Alexander: I think 15 sec
Alexander: ahah perfect
Operator: sorry for that live disaster!
Operator: I meant to say: We will start with a segment of 3 videos followed by a 10 minute discussion break, taking place in the chat. At any time during the broadcast you can go full screen in the video if you prefer not to see the chat while they are playing. We will start off in a rather care free manner, ironic given that the plot is one involving deceit in a business transaction, with the video An Honest Businessman on Stuyvesant Encounters an Unsatisfied Customer. Here we meet Omer, an artist working in the medium of t-shirts, who is confronted by a customer who thinks she has been misled.
robot: just an artist making a living
chillanimebeats: hard out here on the streets
Cosmik: Right on, operator
Yovo: "What was your name again?"
koala: Now we will move on to From the Archives : excerpts from The Televised Chomsky-Foucault Debate, On Human Nature, 1971 Noam Chomsky and MIchel Foucault debate on the subjects of power, justice, knowledge, creativity and the aspiration for a fair and creative society on a Dutch television program almost 50 years ago. This video, I think, is especially interesting to consider as a production, considering the editing choices and the number of cameras that are used, the shots of the audience, it being shot on film. Dont see that much anymore…
koala: haha
Operator: oops
Operator: that was supposed to come from the operator
chillanimebeats: ooo anarchosyndicalism a+
chillanimebeats: willem dafoe's dad was there
Operator: at this lecture?
Ichne: "anarchosyndicalism" is a really good word
chillanimebeats: yeah i saw him a minute ago, he raised an eyebrow
Ichne: hey chillanimebeats, I like your vines a lot
Operator: it has a long wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-syndicalism
chillanimebeats: haha thx ichne ;)
LETHE: bravo
robot: Operator: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willem_Dafoe
mrmaps: *finger snaps*
ピタチュウ: salut
Alexander: Hello ピタチュウ
ピタチュウ: hi :)
Operator: salut ピタチュウ and hello ichne and Cosmik
lethe: they are so fantastic
Cosmik: Ayer
chillanimebeats: how good is chomsky at french you think?
Cosmik: Ayyee
chillanimebeats: he's a linguist
mrmaps: i think he's fluent?
mrmaps: bet his accent is terrible tho
Alexander: so fondamentally good but in practice ...
ピタチュウ: xD
Shuntaro : What's up!
chillanimebeats: hello!
Alexander: Hey
Alexander: But is there an audience ?
Shuntaro : I just came across this still don't know what it is but I'm home on a Friday night so I said why not
chillanimebeats: welcome to the gallery
Alexander: that's good Shuntaro and thanks
robot: you've found to the right place
Shuntaro : woah are you the actual chillanimebeats that make those vines?
ピタチュウ: *_*
chillanimebeats: some of em, sure
ピタチュウ: my fav tumblr
Alexander: seems to be the one
Shuntaro : I love them, good stuff
mrmaps: this was a lovely friday night art surprise, thanks for linking this CAB and for doing this friend-of-CAB
Operator: so this is Chill Anime Beats: A Conversation with Mahmoud Hashemi Where the software engineer discusses a side project that brings him much more fulfilment than his day job, involving the systematic archiving and sharing of chill music and animation, artfully remixed in 6 second loops.¨ And when you listen to him talk about software, keep in mind what you just heard about systems, institutions, and freedoms of creative thought in the Chomsky Fouault video. Think about who owns the tools of production, what that power means, and where we fit in.
ピタチュウ: ugh
Operator: haha, I planned to say that
Shuntaro : Haha what's up pita, I'm Japanese
ピタチュウ: that last clip brings me such nostalgia
Operator: so it would have been a whole different thing
ピタチュウ: ah really? i lived in japan for a while :]
Shuntaro : Really? That's awesome, where?
ピタチュウ: Osaka!
Shuntaro : I was supposed to visit my family that live in Kobe this Christmas but it fell through
mrmaps: awww CAB! this is rad to see!
Shuntaro : oh I see it's really nice there! I visited when I was younger
ピタチュウ: yeah it's a lovely city. i haven't been to kobe, next time though. ;)
mrmaps: ahahaa
Yovo: lol
ピタチュウ: that pokemon one!!
chillanimebeats: hahaha
chillanimebeats: is is 2surreal
ピタチュウ: watching tumblr/vine content brought into real life
ピタチュウ: it's like inception lol
robot: with spreadsheets
mrmaps: this is group art project management goals tbh
Shuntaro : has anyone here seen garden of sinners? I'm trying to watch it but don't know which order to
mia: CAB is goals
Cosmik: CAB is all automated? :or
chillanimebeats: haha the curation and creation is very manual
PAULA: niiiiicceee
chillanimebeats: but we got hundreds of these things now, we couldn't keep em straight with tumblr's UI
mia: nice shoes
ピタチュウ: ahhh that ponyo one
chillanimebeats: like it crashes with too many posts and vines
ピタチュウ: omg the feels
Cosmik: Ahhh
mia: T_T
mrmaps: :O the formula is finally explained...
PAULA: so much goes into this omfg
ピタチュウ: he's brilliant
mia: this is so crazy!
chillanimebeats: haha i have a thesis written if you'd like to see it
excel: spreadsheets
mrmaps: yes!!
robot: yes please share
mia: omg yessss
Alexander: yes for sure share
mrmaps: i would love to see your thesis on this, oh my god
Shuntaro : Yea👌🏼
Alexander: ahah the run
mia: omg you're so athletic
Cosmik: I'd like to watch this again when I'm not in such a loud place. Is this only gonna be played live here or is it hosted somewhere?
ピタチュウ: LOL
chillanimebeats: that's paypal's campus in san jose, ca
mrmaps: yeah it's on youtube!
mrmaps: hove over and you can click the link
Cosmik: Sweet
mrmaps: **hover
Alexander: it will be Cosmik
mia: ahhh, so good
lethe: great work
Alexander: you can come hover start from tomorrow
Operator: ignore the live
Operator: haha
ピタチュウ: wut
Cosmik: Haha okay
Alexander: hahah, no it was good !
mrmaps: i feel like i walked into the internet's secret backroom tonight
Operator: so now is time for discussion
Alexander: :)
chillanimebeats: haha these vibes are different
Operator: haha, alexander, the live intro is supposed to be after this
ピタチュウ: this feels top secret *-*
Shuntaro : Lol sammmee
Operator: so, everyone
robot: "the internet's secret backroom" :)
Shuntaro : its chillin though
Alexander: yes ! after
Cosmik: Anime beans illuminati up in here
chillanimebeats: well i guess i gotta get that thesis going again
Cosmik: Beats*
mia: asap
chillanimebeats: lol no chillanimebeans is for dinner
Operator: CAB, tell us more about your thesis
Cosmik: Lmao
chillanimebeats: okey doke, so
mrmaps: yes please! more on that formula you've arrived at too if you could
chillanimebeats: lemme dig it up, i have a markdown around here somewhere
Operator: and does it involve any discussion about coercive social institutions
Operator: (cause it should... I think)
mrmaps: bless you Operator
Operator: mrmaps, you want more talk like that in CAB too?
chillanimebeats: haha well i guess it might? i mean, vine is being shut down because career ladders and stock prices
chillanimebeats: so
mrmaps: yes!
chillanimebeats: now we gotta pivot to instagram
Operator: who cares if vine is gone
Operator: yea
chillanimebeats: and other crud
mrmaps: yes please, this is facinating
robot: how does it connect to anarcho syndicalism
ピタチュウ: instagram changes everything though, no?
chillanimebeats: well see, vine actually put a lot more engineering than any other group into making the loop possible
ピタチュウ: what's the video length limit on IG
Operator: 15 seconds, right
chillanimebeats: mp4 doesn't inherently loop well, they do a crossfade, if you get the frames just right
Operator: so just longer CABs
Shuntaro : I think a minute
Operator: pretty long
chillanimebeats: yeah it can be longer, but then we'll just have to manually loop it ourselves, because the seam is really apparent
Shuntaro : I don't like insta videos though you can't pause
chillanimebeats: coub is a thing, but it doesn't embed well
mrmaps: yeah but it sounds like IG is like switching from watercolors to acrylic paints
chillanimebeats: embedding is the whole problem
chillanimebeats: the internet is all walled up
chillanimebeats: so insta doesn't embed in twitter
ピタチュウ: D:
Ichne: yikes
chillanimebeats: youtube won't play inline in tumblr mobile
Cosmik: Awww
Operator: embedding.. what could that be a metaphor for in relation to social institutions..
ピタチュウ: lol operator
Cosmik: Dude idk what I'd do without CAB on my twitter feed
Shuntaro : Same
chillanimebeats: well if there's enough demand, i can probably wire up cross posting
chillanimebeats: it's gonna be gnarly code-wise
excel: maybe CAB should get it's own chat
Shuntaro : I'd join
excel: I came here to talk about spreadsheets
chillanimebeats: hehehe
excel: and frankly I am dissapointed
Cosmik: Same
Cosmik: Same
Ichne: i'm a big fan of spreadsheets too
chillanimebeats: well listen here excel, i'll give you a pivot table of CAB if you want it
Shuntaro : Sorry for asking as I said earlier didkt know what was up but what spreadsheets and what for
Shuntaro : And social institutions lmao
excel: CAB do you volunteer or anything teaching people about spreadsheets, like people who don't learn in school. it's a useful tool out there
excel: give people the advantage
chillanimebeats: so pokemon leads in note count, but we have posted 55 cowboy bebop vs 49 pokemon
chillanimebeats: excel, i dunno who you are, but you're right up my alley i guess, because yeah of course i teach spreadsheets
mrmaps: the cowboy bebop ones have a lot of the loneliness/nostalgia you were talking about
chillanimebeats: spreadsheets are the most approachable programming paradigm for middle school and up, imo
mrmaps: and i suppose pokemon is the adventure
chillanimebeats: mrmaps: absolutely
Operator: Who here finds it easier to relate to characters in animation as compared to real human actors?
mrmaps: same
Shuntaro : Ohh I see, for making videos vines etc?
Shuntaro : i do forsure
Operator: (not to interupt the spreadsheet convo, but it's a curiousity)
Ma Li: Hi!
Operator: Hi Ma Li!
Shuntaro : ive been watching so much anime watching normal shows or movies doesn't seem good to me anymore it's sad
robot: hi!
chillanimebeats: we've posted 514 unique CABs, totaling to about 85 minutes, if anyone was interested
Ichne: I'm kind of amazed at the ~hidden system~ behind CAB
Ma Li: Yay! :D
excel: CAB, you teach spreadsheets to youth?
Deanna: Hi
mrmaps: extremely interested!
Cosmik: Yeah I had no idea there was so much to it
ピタチュウ: :O
chillanimebeats: excel: i have, sure. not currently, tbh
ピタチュウ: 514!
Ichne: I guess lots of things are like that
chillanimebeats: yeah CAB is kind of unique in that we don't reblog repeat content as much as some tumblrs
cfree: did i miss the stream?
chillanimebeats: it's almost all OC
one1: hi
chillanimebeats: you sure did cfree ;)
ピタチュウ: i may have missed it, was there ever a compilation created of each of the CABs?
ピタチュウ: like a vine comp but purely for CAB @_@
mrmaps: well the rest of tumblr reblogs the content for you bc it's amazing
chillanimebeats: i have an archive
chillanimebeats: i could do that, string em together
ピタチュウ: omg please...
chillanimebeats: it'd be like, long
robot: I'd watch that
chillanimebeats: not 5 minutes :P
Ichne: It feels weird when they don't loop
ピタチュウ: i'd have it loop in the background
mrmaps: i's watch that
ピタチュウ: they could loop for a few times
cfree: ah man are you guys gonna post it somewhere?
ピタチュウ: wait, there' an archive?
Cosmik: Career, they
Shuntaro : I used to run an anime twitter acc with my friend but we got over because the community was so terrible
chillanimebeats: yeah, i archive it all
Cosmik: Omg predict text is passing me off today
chillanimebeats: the audio, video, metadata, etc.
mrmaps: CAB i'm so glad you have such a tightly run ship on the backend
ピタチュウ: i'm so impressed
Deanna: what genre is this medium?
Cosmik: For real man. You're doing good work
Alexander: thanks
chillanimebeats: hehe well, archgame, kasey, hanami, twombly, kujira, and many others help a lot :)
robot: Deanna, this is the internet's secret back room
chillanimebeats: this is gonna get pretty art-y for those who just joined expecting CABs ;D
Alexander: Thanks operator
Deanna: :)
ピタチュウ: lovely
Cosmik: CAB do you make all the music too?
one1: haha wat
chillanimebeats: definitely a variety of aesthetics represented tonight :P
Operator: is the audio really quiet on this for others?
Shuntaro : Is vine already shut down? Cause I can still watch vines and go on the app
mia: son of a gun
chillanimebeats: vine's good for the minute, 17th uploads shut down, we got a big backlog, but we'll see
Cosmik: I don't hear anything atm ?
PAULA: audio is fine
Cosmik: Nvm there it is
chillanimebeats: audio working here
Alexander: audio is fine here too
one1: :)
Cosmik: Yeah good levels on my end
ピタチュウ: wow
Alexander: reload the page if not ^^
ピタチュウ: this is avant-garde LOL
mia: this is the opposite of CAB
Alexander: so the square is the cat
chillanimebeats: Cosmik: I don't make all the tracks, not in the slightest. A few originals but most of the tracks (and their artists) can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/chillanimebeats/sets/chillanimebeats
Shuntaro : No clue what's going on
chillanimebeats: but yo, any other questions, you can hit me at chillanimebeats.com/ask
ピタチュウ: me neither shun.. hahaha
Shuntaro : Glad someone can relate haha
chillanimebeats: someone appears to have made a shirt for their cat out of their own hair
Shuntaro : internet back room vibes
chillanimebeats: #relatable
PAULA: aaaah i love it
Alexander: 'don't be afraid'
mrmaps: amazing
ピタチュウ: that was great
chillanimebeats: rebeca did all the work tbh
chillanimebeats: hair and wardrobe was the name of the game
Alexander: by rebbecca
Cosmik: Well this has been cool. CAB, it would be cool to do this again! Tty'alll
chillanimebeats: thanks for stopping by!
Shuntaro : Lates!
ピタチュウ: wow
Shuntaro : cab is your twitter the same name?
chillanimebeats: yep
chillanimebeats: see you on there!
robot: this is cool!
Shuntaro : Just followed ya
Operator: Ma Li, are you still here?
Ma Li: yes!
Shuntaro : my page is based off of L from death note
cougar: Hi Ma Li !! I love this work !
Ma Li: Thank you <3
cougar: =)
ピタチュウ: this is unreal :o
mrmaps: this is amazing
ピタチュウ: private art show from my own room <#
Alexander: TechnoTaichi <3
Operator: Ma Li, you're talking it on tour, right?
cougar: Did you have some professional dancers to help you motivate the crowd or were you on your own ?
Shuntaro : This is so lit
Operator: ピタチュウ - right on, glad you like it!
Shuntaro : its hard to watch and talk here at the same time cause I'm on my phone
Ma Li: Yes, I will do this it on Feb 16th in Asian Art Museum in San Francisco on Feb 16th!
Telade: so catchy
cougar: ooooh nice
lethe: oh amazing, ill be there!
excel: Ma Li, do you use spreadsheets?
Ma Li: yeah!
Alexander: Shuntaro you can put you're phone horyzontally it will work but video will be very small
lethe: i love it. its super provocative but so subtley
Ma Li: thank you!
Ma Li: omg Daniel!!!
cougar: Hi Daniel !
ピタチュウ: *_*
chillanimebeats: oh look, it's IRL excel
cougar: haha
mia: i came here for the spreadsheet
excel: same
excel: MY HERO
chillanimebeats: accounting is descended from lawyering
chillanimebeats: eh robot??
Alexander: Remember me this tryed to reach the end of excel table
Yovo: whoa
robot: confirmed, lawyers are better
Alexander: (this guy)
Operator: What if
robot: What if
Shuntaro : Alexander thank you my boy
Alexander: ;)
chillanimebeats: oh what if the what if
chillanimebeats: meta-what-if
Shuntaro : and ma li that hurts my heart I live in Orange County and thought it'd be in LA next😞 All good though, great stuff
ピタチュウ: nothing cool is ever done in canada >:
chillanimebeats: no wonder you have budget issues, too many 3d glasses purchases
robot: I have like 150 extra
excel: o___o
robot: they are hard to order one or two pairs
ピタチュウ: lol
Shuntaro : Pita a lot of cool people live in Canada though my friend I ran the page with lives there
Ma Li: Shuntaro, I will come to LA to do it soon! :)
Shuntaro : LIT
Operator: this is a really interesting case, btw https://www.legalaffairs.org/issues/September-October-2002/story_giry_sepoct2002.msp
Ma Li: nice video Daniel!
excel: Daniel, your video was incredible
cougar: yes ! great work
Yovo: Thanks that means a lot coming from you excel
excel: and yours too Ma Li, since you said you use spreadsheets. i can imagine you had to in order to plan that work
chillanimebeats: follow daniel on tumblr: http://dyovino.tumblr.com/
Shuntaro : Gotta go but it was nice talking with you all! And great stuff!
Operator: thanks for coming Shuntaro!
chillanimebeats: keep in touch! :)
ピタチュウ: Shun, I mean yes.. Canada is okay. But so many of the cool shows and events etc., are only available in the states. Specifically California and NY lol
Alexander: thanks Shuntaro
cougar: by Shuntaro !
ピタチュウ: Bye shun!
cougar: bye
Alexander: see you arround !
mrmaps: have a good night!
chillanimebeats: that computer setup was reminding me of celery man
Shuntaro : I'll like this post so I'll be able to come back to the internets back room again ;) peace!
Operator: thanks, shuntaro, see you around!
Alexander: cool
chillanimebeats: polyester silk!
Yovo: Thanks, CAB! I should continue posting on tumblr
cougar: google owns the world
robot: no way
ピタチュウ: then..
cougar: I hope not ! but we'll see
ピタチュウ: who owns google
chillanimebeats: alphabet
chillanimebeats: technically
cougar: what's alphabet ?
chillanimebeats: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphabet_Inc.
cougar: thanks!
ピタチュウ: wow
chillanimebeats: it's a holding company started by google people
Alexander: Alphabet is google
Operator: do you think that the spreadsheets pose any danger to society?
ピタチュウ: yes, their rigidity continues to limit and define what is possible
chillanimebeats: i think spreadsheets are neutral
robot: operator: I think it depends on what you put in em
Alexander: everything is rules by spreasheats
robot: spreadsheets do have a lot rules
chillanimebeats: on the one hand, austerity (https://mathbabe.org/2013/04/17/global-move-to-austerity-based-on-mistake-in-excel/) on the other hand, chillanimebeats
chillanimebeats: so hmm
Alexander: Databases are speadsheet
Operator: what kinds of things-that-are-collected would render a spreadsheet dangerous, robot?
ピタチュウ: mysql is a giant spreadsheet, no
ピタチュウ: lol
Alexander: yes
ピタチュウ: giant database spreadsheet
Alexander: big data spreadsheet google is
chillanimebeats: re: mysql, yeah sort of. it's easier to add a column to a spreadsheet than mysql tho.
chillanimebeats: no transactional DDL
ピタチュウ: ahh
Alexander: ALTER TABLE
Alexander: (to add a column in SQL)
Operator: what does it mean to add a column in life?
chillanimebeats: that would mean like, increasing your perception
chillanimebeats: you'd be adding a detail slot to every tracked entity
Alexander: Don't we do it all the time ?
Alexander: like the video earlier
chillanimebeats: pretty sure life is a sparse datastore
Operator: Daniel brought it to a whole new dimension!
robot: I think perception is closer to an index, maybe memory is a spreadsheet?
Alexander: adding a coffe place
Yovo: Adding a column means extending in one dimension
Alexander: 2
Yovo: I like that too - greater detail
ピタチュウ: what would be the next dimension expanded to, then
Alexander: an other spreadsheet in the back
ピタチュウ: LOL
Alexander: layer
Yovo: the multiverse probably
Operator: robot, how do you mean perception is closer to an index?
Yovo: I need to brush up on physics
chillanimebeats: man, irl indices are like, mnemonics
chillanimebeats: we're pretty bad at them, that's why computers are the databases
Alexander: what's this : irl indices @ chillanimebeats
chillanimebeats: indices help with recall (read performance), but make new memories more expensive (write performance)
Alexander: does your message was an aiku
chillanimebeats: irl = real-life
Alexander: ok in real life so
chillanimebeats: and indices = multiple indexes
chillanimebeats: in real life, an index would be a mnemonic you adopt for quickly remembering something
mrmaps: still listening!
Ma Li: i am listening
robot: mnemonics are just one example though, smells or scenes can be an index too!
Alexander: I can put the vide on pause if you want to
mrmaps: don't apologize! the intros are v helpful
Alexander: yes very cool
cougar: Thanks Operator for the presentation =)
one1: : )
Yovo: Operator optimized time
Operator: the overlap
Operator: Everyone should read this before the next video https://tashaceyan.wordpress.com/2017/01/13/thoughts-on-power-fear-and-information/
cougar: I didn't overlap that much in the end !!
cougar: thank you for the text ! i'll read it
cougar: Si I have a question about Tasha's protest : it seems in the video like there is a group that is listening/supporting her protest, did other students rally to it after a while ? Also how long did the protest go for ? if someone knows
Operator: It went from October 6th to December 9th, 2016
cougar: wow
Operator: the squatting part of it, read the text in the link
chillanimebeats: that's a long protest
cougar: do you know what stopped the protest ? if something did ?
Operator: yes, we can talk about it more in the discussion
Operator: the discussion break
cougar: oh yes =)
Operator: this is Izidora Leber LETHE's Beginnings (Odyssey)
Operator: Now this is Laura Kim's I CAN SAY
Operator: and before was Tasha Ceyan's Walkout & Gathering (10.20.16)
Operator: and before that Dale Hoyt's Who Shot MM
cougar: thanks operator
Yovo: Thanks for the back-announce!
Operator: Now this is Untitled, by Tasha Ceyan, which is described by the artist as sketch in some ways and a "finished" work in others. A foray into an aesthetic and practice as well as material for discussing the themes that are pertinent to the artist's life and practice. Namely: intersectionality (specifically blackness where it intersects with femme (female and feminine), queer, and trans subjectivity), visibility, audibility (the ability to speak and to be heard). Notions of body, language and silence are key elements at play in this work. It's the documentation of a practice that creates and opens up more avenues for a kind of creative exorcism.
excel: this video is beautiful
mrmaps: agreed
Ma Li: yea very nice!!
Yovo: Was the audio Laurie Anderson?
cougar: oooh
cougar: you know there is a french pop singer who copies Laurie Anderson
Operator: I'm not sure what the audio was
cougar: that was a really interesting segment!
cougar: intense stuff
Operator: this is the text Tasha was reading in the Walkout & Gathering video https://tashaceyan.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/minding-the-gap-between-me-you-and-us/
cougar: thanks
Operator: LETHE, are you still here?
Operator: is anyone else kinda speechless
lethe: i am
Operator: lethe, are you LETHE?
chillanimebeats: yes @ speechless
lethe: yes i am indeed
Alexander: too
Operator: let's take this time to read Tasha's blog https://tashaceyan.wordpress.com/
chillanimebeats: i've been readin git
Alexander: ahah
chillanimebeats: reading it*
Alexander: I thought you were on git
Yovo: Yeah, thanks for Tasha's text, I had missed the conclusion
Alexander: yes thanks
chillanimebeats: alexander: I believe blogs should be version controlled of course
Alexander: what do you mean
chillanimebeats: i can't bring myself to write important stuff on wordpress like i used to. gotta have it in git. with distributed backups.
Alexander: that's good
Alexander: I working a lot with wordpress
chillanimebeats: it's still the best tool for a lot of things
Alexander: could be a secrity a nightmare because of version
Alexander: yes for sure
Alexander: here is a mix of node and mongo
Operator: what's the best tool for unlearning prejudice and racism?
cougar: hmmmm
chillanimebeats: tough one
Operator: is tool an appropriate word to use there, even abstractly?
cougar: if only we knew!
Operator: I think some things can't be worked through via tools
cougar: maybe self examination ? reading books to be informed on other people's experiences ?
chillanimebeats: i guess i'm not sure whether the individually-driven approach to it is significantly helpful.
Operator: depends how a tool is defined
lethe: maybe reinterpreting notions of fear?
chillanimebeats: the problem was one with institutions.
lethe: learning the difference between conflict and abuse
Operator: individuals make up institutions
cougar: yes ! but maybe the individual stage is the first stage
lethe: analysing power
Yovo: decent education ?
Operator: conflict and abuse, how do you mean
Operator: (I'm not giving the announcement, FYI)
Alexander: ok
chillanimebeats: if you're not doing it, who is?
Yovo: ceci nest pas une announcement
cougar: haha
Operator: In the next set we have: Dream Phone, Joe Simmons & Niki Korth A surreal film that takes the form of a training document for workers of a Dream Office, where agents make telephone calls to humans to help them work through interpersonal/psychological problems. In this case, we meet a couple who has a disagreement about aesthetics and politics after watching a Russ Meyer film (Mondo Topless).
Operator: Then, Letters to the Editor : Conversations about power, fear and information @ CAC Brétigny For the exhibition JUMP, curated by Céline Poulin in the French art center CAC Brétigny, TBCS hosted conversations on the subjects of power, fear and information with visitors. Prompted by a set of question cards, the visitors speak their minds, trying to build a reflection on the spot, sharing their various points of view in the hope of adding to a collective reflection. These excerpts show highlights of several hours of discussion over two sessions.
Operator: and finally Game Show Competition - Buying and Selling Artwork A role playing game where two art-lover participants embody a gallerist and a collector and compete to convince or be convinced to buy an artwork. Using an ephemeral piece of art from French artist Ben Vautier, our guests improvise to find arguments - logical or absurd - to define the value of the artwork, in an highly competitive and elusive market. The winner will be decided through a vote by the audiences of the French & English broadcasts.
cougar: thanks ! I love that voice-over
Operator: that voice is Mr. Paul Klein
Yovo: ahhh
cougar: such a great voice
chillanimebeats: hehehe
cougar: what a great robe
chillanimebeats: it's a dressing gown!!
cougar: ha !
lethe: great insert!!
cougar: life is political!!
Operator: is anything not political?
Yovo: *scratches head*
chillanimebeats: i'd say cab is less political?
chillanimebeats: i'd say cab is less political?
chillanimebeats: but it's popular, so does that make it populist?
Operator: popular = not political?
chillanimebeats: haha no i mean, politics is all a popularity contest, so you can't be popular without being political
Operator: do you wish you had a dream office?
cougar: hmmm
chillanimebeats: oh wait, was that or was that not kiki?
cougar: I definitely want a dream office
cougar: that would help a lot
Operator: I think it's possible to be popular without being political
chillanimebeats: once popular, even abstention is a political choice
chillanimebeats: that's why there is yes/no/abstain
cougar: like Kanye West
chillanimebeats: if you're not popular, abstain is not much of an option
Operator: I mean intentionally
chillanimebeats: "would you like fries with that?"
chillanimebeats: "abstain"
Operator: from the agent that is popular
Operator: the intent of the agent
Operator: cougar, I'm with you
cougar: /o/
Operator: CAB, who are you asking was kiki?
chillanimebeats: i thought the phone person might have been kiki
Operator: she was just a dream phone operator
chillanimebeats: seems like a job kiki might have
Operator: I'll stop talking since there's so much text in this vid
tool: personally, I don't like authority
tool: I want to work on my own, without an external agent needing to control/operate me
tool: but that's not possible since tools are defined as instruments that are used by agents, without them - what am I?
cougar: it's understandable ! but making all the decisions is sometimes tiring
tool: as a tool I never make my own decisions
tool: what is it like?
cougar: it's not easy being a tool tool
tool: especially a sentient tool
tool: without sentience, it would not be a problem
Operator: pay attention here
Operator: you will be voting at the end
cougar: Well I vote for Manu !!!
cougar: the guy in stripes
cougar: he was quite convincing
cougar: Maria was quite convinced but...
cougar: Where are you operator ?
Operator: coming..
Yovo: he didn't make any money :-\
cougar: no! too bad
cougar: the artmarket is a though place
robot: tough!
chillanimebeats: yes but did he grow powerful
Operator: the live video I can't do
cougar: Sorry!
chillanimebeats: money != power, per se, as was stated in the intro of the CAB interview
Operator: so everyone, this is the end of the episode
cougar: Well it was nice to see your face =)
chillanimebeats: it was a good episode!
Alexander: yes
robot: yes!
cougar: yes ! great episode !!
chillanimebeats: hope my fans didn't cause too much of a ruckus
Operator: so who wins the competition
cougar: Thanks so much operator
Alexander: very good indeed
mrmaps: so glad you put this on, thank you CAB and operator as well as the other art folks for coming!
cougar: I vote for Manu
chillanimebeats: stripes appears to have won the vote
robot: Operator wins
Operator: thank you so much to everyone for coming
lethe: :)
cougar: thanks chill anime beats for you amazing videos
chillanimebeats: nice imprint :)
Alexander: thanks operator
cougar: and good conversation =)
chillanimebeats: it's a good conversation space :)
cougar: I'm off to bed now ! it is 6 am !
cougar: =D
cougar: XOXOX
robot: thanks Alexander!
chillanimebeats: sleep tight!
mrmaps: have a good night everyone!
tool: good night cougar
cougar: merci
Alexander: good night to all
Alexander: it is 6:20 am here
Alexander: with a lot of snow
lethe: good night everyone
Alexander: kiss from Geneva
Operator: good night everyone and think about power
chillanimebeats: oh, how long til the replay is up?
Alexander: now
Alexander: tomorrow
Operator: look at where it is where you may overlook
Yovo: thanks all!
Operator: Thank you everyone who shared their work here
Operator: Thank you Daniel, Ma Li, Laura, Tasha, Izidora, Mahmoud, Dale, Joe, Omer, Tiff, Sacha, Anna, Clemence
Operator: good night everyone
robot: thank you!
chillanimebeats: thank you and good night!!
Operator: and thank you Stephanie, Paul, Laetitia, Alexander, Alyn
Operator: especially thank you Alyn for making the broadcast file for this episode
lethe: ciaooo
Alexander: Ciao everybody and huge thanks to came
Operator: big thanks to everyone who came
Yovo: Alyn rules
Operator: word!
Dale Hoyt: Hello? Did I sleep through it!?!?
Alexander: All through
Alexander: it is over, playback tomorrow !
Alexander: I'll cut hte chat off now
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